Theoretical and practical studies

Facing to the rapid transformation of society, BCF Consultors conducts studies that provide a systematic and in-depth analysis of the main sectors of activity and areas of the economy. These works serve as support for the development of policies and specific action strategies for their clients.

Preparation and treatment of information

Since there is an abundance of information, BCF Consultors develops and structures the most relevant one for the decision-making by its clients, and for the evaluation in strategic terms of their activities.

Advisory services

In order to facilitate a fluent and efficient transfer of knowledge, BCF Consultors provides advisory and consulting services in its areas of specialization to organizations, institutions and public administrations, and more specifically to their management teams.

Information and training services

The work of BCF Consultors is also projected in the provision of other services for companies and institutions: organization of conferences and seminars, design courses and other training activities, elaboration of census and specialized directories, etc.