Why a consultancy service?

Information and knowledge are, currently, two key factors in the competitiveness of companies and the development of society.

BCF Consultors is a company specialized in the analysis of Markets, in the study of different economic sectors and their Integration in the territory, and in the advice of companies, institutions and public administrations.

Their professional services have as a fundamental objective to increase the value of the information and knowledge assets of these organizations and, as a result, improve their competencies and their activity.

Why BCF Consultors?

BCF Consultors offers its services based on four main principles:

  • The capacity for innovation, in order to ensure optimum and fast adaptation of the activity of its customers to the changes that are taking place rapidly in their environment at the present time.
  • The uniqueness of the service, since it provides the maximum adequacy of the work provided to the specific needs of each client in particular.
  • The quality, in order to satisfy the expectations of its customers in the best possible way, and to increase its loyalty level continuously.
  • Rigor, professionalism and independence, as it is composed of a group of experts in different specialties that ensure the technical quality of their work, the confidentiality of the information, and the optimal use of the available resources.

What is BCF Consultors?

BCF Consultors has a long history offering professional services:

BCF Consultors works for companies, professional and business associations, public administrations, foundations and other non-profit organizations. The accumulated experience in the field of consultancy provides BCF Consultors with the necessary resources to give an adequate response to the challenges of its clients: analysis and improvement of management systems, service quality and marketing, design of strategic plans, analysis of sectors and markets, definition and evaluation of public policies, studies of viability of projects, creation and organization of business and information Systems and statistics, etc.

The members of BCF Consultors participate in multiple teaching tasks in the university field and continuous training programs. This aspect of their professional activities contributes to the permanent improvement of the competences of the BCF Consultors team, both in theoretical and practical aspects of their work.

BCF Consultors participates in several international networks specialized in research and consultancy.

How do we work?

To ensure the quality of the services provided by BCF Consultors, we have a system of quality protocols. These protocols include the main areas of activity of the company: customer service, information preparing and processing information techniques, data security and confidentiality, resource management, internal and external communication, etc.

The human team.

The central core of the organization is formed by the directors, coordinators and project researchers. However, the informative extension and at the same time the specialization of knowledge makes it essential to work with a wide network of university and professional experts who regularly collaborate on projects.

The people of reference of the organization are:

  • For the field of studies and contents: Miquel Flamarich, Managing Partner of BCF Consultors, since 1998. Member of Oîkos - Studies and advice, since 2003. Founding member of the Kontrast Foundation, since 2000, and President since 2011. University lecturer from 1986 to 2015, mainly at the ICE of the University of Barcelona and at the EUTDH of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, although he has collaborated with several universities. He has carried out more than three hundred studies (mainly applied economics) by public administrations, entities and companies, in different areas such as tourism, housing, culture, services to organizations, …
  • For management: Isabel Gol, manager of BCF Consultors, since 2006. With engineering studies, she has an extensive curriculum as manager and manager of projects and organizations in the cultural and social field. She guarantees the best functioning of the organization and the optimization of the resources in order to provide the best conditions for the work team and the best services for our clients. She has carried out more than a hundred studies (mainly applied economics) by public administrations, entities and companies, in different areas such as tourism, housing, culture, services to organizations …