The increasing share of tertiary sector in today’s society has led to up an intense process of growth and transformation of service activities, both of public and private ownership.
This makes it necessary to develop working methodologies aimed at facilitate the innovative processes of service organisations promote the integration and efficiency of services associated with industry, modernize the structure and functioning of public administrations and also non-profit organisations, etc. In addition, service activities require a permanent improvement in the quality of its services, in which BCF Consultors also offers its services through marketing plans, customer loyalty and customer service, perceived quality studies, etc.


Tourism is one of the sectors with a greater economic impact in our country, and, therefore, is an activity with a prominent strategic importance in the development of many cities and regions.
The territorial and socioeconomic impact of tourism requires the design of strategic organizational, sectorial and territorial plans, the analysis of the degree of satisfaction of visitors during their stay at their destination, the definition of a quality management models for tourism services, etc. BCF Consultors has been working for many years in the study of mass tourism as well as in specialized fields: mountain tourism, cultural tourism, urban tourism and above all, mainly, business tourism (meetings, fairs and congress…).

Culture and communication

The sectors of culture and communication are currently faced with important challenges facing the future, because of the rapid internationalization process of these activities, and the appearance of new forms of production and consumption of information and leisure content.
Thus, it is necessary to redefine the public policies in the field of culture, modernizing the management of these activities, articulating local and International networks of cultural creation and production, integration and convergence with other companies in the sector, etc. BCF Consultors has a long history in this field and has specifically worked in the sectors of cultural heritage (museums, libraries, etc.), arts (theatre, music, etc.), culture and communication industries (book, audio-visual, etc.), etc.


The training of people is an essential factor in the development of the most advanced societies, both because of the importance of teaching productive skills, and for their influence on the configuration of a system values and practices in consumption.
In view of this, there is a need for a systematic follow-up of the evolution of training activities with regard to the challenges of the information society, an evaluation of the suitability of the offer of education on demand, an improvement of the knowledge transfer of higher educations and research centres to companies, etc. BCF Consultors has observed an increasing demand for studies and advisory services in this field.

Digital economy

The progressive consolidation of the information society forms a new framework for the development of economic activities, in which new opportunities, arise, as well as many uncertainties.
This deep transformation is projects in multiple dimensions: in the emergence of a new knowledge-based economy, in the search of new forms of commerce through communications networks, in the centrality of technology transfer processes, in the development of new training and leisure time alternatives, etc. The strong acceleration that characterizes the evolution of the markets, because of the rapidity of technological changes, requires an agile and constantly updated response capacity by BCF Consultors.


Territory is the scene on which economic, social and cultural development takes place, and therefore constitutes the reference frame of reference from which the strategies of public and organizational business strategies are defined.
The analysis of reality from a local or regional perspective, as well as the development of inventories of the available resources in a particular area of the country, lead to a better knowledge of the understanding of the geographical location of economic activity and settle the basis to define stimulating measures for its development. The experience of BCF Consultors in carrying out studies from a territorial perspective includes a wide range of sectors, among which can highlight services to business, tourism, culture, housing, etc.